What's New!

September 11 2008: Finished most of "Master of Puppets" album, and "Ride The Lightning" [the song].

April 8 2008: Finished most of "Kill'em All". The rest, along with a few Master of Puppets songs, will be next.

March 24 2008: Finished "For Whom The Bell Tolls" and "Master Of Puppets". Both of them pretty much come straight from Jordan Baker. And although it looks weird in "Master Of Puppets", the verse riff timing IS correct. Jordan lined the song up with a click track and the verse ends with an 11/16 bar rather than 3/4 or 5/8.

March 24 2008: For Metallica I'm only planning on doing rhythm tabs. There are tons of Metallica tabs on the internet and most of the solos I've seen are close enough or correct, but there are a lot of errors out there for the rhythms. So I'm only going to worry about rhythms for now and then maybe later I'll fill in some solos. I'm also skipping the text versions, the PDF versions are good enough.

If you like what you see then spread the word that a new site is available for Metallica rhythms.