What's New!

02/25/14: The time I have to write tabs has almost vanished but I will still try to finish the new album.  I've finished three songs, two of which have been added.  The third, "Cthulhu" is only in text format right now.  Updates probably won't be often but maybe things will change.  Of course if anyone wants to help and make donations that would speed things up :)

05/06/13: Added "Full Spectrum Dominance".

05/02/13: Added "Molon Labe".

Added "Mind Control".

04/26/13: Added pages for "Sons of Liberty", Jon Schaffer's solo project.  Expect some tabs for them soon.

11/11/11: Finished all the rhythms so the text files are up.  The only things left are some of the main solos and the little harmony leads in Anguish .... I think that's it.  It may take awhile before I get around to those but I plan on finishing them.  

11/06/11: Finished a lot more stuff.  Guitar Pro fixed their bug so all complete songs have a Gpro file now.  The only songs with nothing done are Anguish of Youth and Tragedy and Triumph.  The rest are either all done [those will have powertabs/Gpro/PDFs] or the rhythms are done [text files only].  It may take awhile for those to show because of other things going on but they'll get done eventually, then maybe I can revisit the past two albums to finish those songs [at least the rhythm].

10/23/11: Finished "Boiling Point", "End of Innocence", "V", and "Soylent Green".  The Guitar Pro files aren't up for a few of them because the program is crashing when I'm creating them, so for now I can't do anything.  You can try to import these powertabs into Guitar Pro yourself but you'll see that you have to tweak them quite a bit.

10/15/11: After a long break, another new Iced Earth album.  Hopefully I can actually finish this album and maybe go back and finish the other missing songs from the last two albums.  The new album has been added to the tabs page, as well as the first song off the album, "Dystopia".  More to come soon!  Edit:  “Days of Rage” added.