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Q: What happened to all the bass, drum, and guitar pro files?

A: I decided to make this site purely a collection of tabs that I personally have worked on. The main reason is a lot of the bass tabs were just copied from what I had on the guitar tab. I've since updated the guitar tabs and so the bass is obsolete anyway, this goes for guitar pro and old power tab files as well. I appreciate the hard work the authors did to put these on my site, and in their defense they could have been working from an incorrect text tab [which would be my fault]. But now I'm putting the final touches on all these tabs, so it's just easier if I'm the one to do the final power tab as well.

In the future I may put bass tabs back up if I can verify their validity, otherwise this will be a guitar/power tab site. With that said however, if anyone knows guitar pro well and wants to directly translate the power tabs into guitar pro, please feel free. Just make sure to keep the credit there and mention this website, I'd appreciate it.

Q: I have an Iced Earth site and would like to use your tabs on my site, can I?

A: Sure, as long as you don't delete the names or banners at the top of the tab.


Q: Should I contact you if I think a tab is incorrect somehow?

A: Yes, please send any comments about the tabs to the address above, or visit the Tab Discussion Message Board, found here.


Q: Do you have the solo for [insert song title here]?

A: If you don't see the solo on here, then I don't have it. I don't keep anything off the tab, so what you see is what I have.


Q: Your web site is pretty dull, can I make a better design for you?

A: I appreciate any offers but this site is designed for what it is used for: supplying tabs. No one comes here to look at pictures or fancy graphics, so there aren't any here. A simple layout to give you tabs as easily as possible.


Q: Should I send you tabs for solos that you haven't tabbed yet?

A: It doesn't really matter to me but I check everything that is sent in, so it may take time for your contribution to show up on the site. I give full credit where it is due though.