What's New!

March 11, 2004: Added a shitload of power tabs for "State of Euphoria" and "Attack of the Killer B's".

November 14, 2003: Added power tabs for "Startin' Up A Posse" and another for "Chromatic Death".

November 08, 2003: Added power tabs for: "Protest And Survive", "Chromatic Death", and "NFB".

October 26, 2003: Added power tabs for: "Burst", "Crush", "Cupajoe", "Fueled", "Nothing", "Piss N Vinegar", "Poison My Eyes", "Potters Field", "Random Acts...", and "Room For One More". Thanks goes to Mike Sheehan.

October 21, 2003: Added power tabs for the entire "Spreading The Disease" album. All credit goes to Mike Brown.

October 15, 2003: Added power tabs for the entire "Among The Living" album. All credit goes to Mike Brown (warlockmb2000@yahoo.com), so direct any comments to him. He's working on other albums as well, so more to come!

PS: I know Safe Home is still unfinished. The new King Diamond album is coming out next week and I'll be busy with that for awhile. After that, I only have a few more Megadeth songs to do so maybe I can work Safe Home in there as well.

May 21, 2003: Added "W.C.F.Y.A.". Only one more song left really, Safe Home. It may be awhile because my guitar is now out of tune and I may not go back into Drop Db for a few days or weeks. We'll see. Until then, enjoy the rest of the WCFYA tabs. Oh, and by the way, I fixed a few things in the Cadillac solo and Black Dahlia.

May 20, 2003: Added "Any Place But Here".

May 18, 2003: Added "Cadillac Rock Box", and even tabbed the main solo because it's so good.

May 16, 2003: Added "Strap It On", "Taking The Music Back", and "Think About An End".

May 13, 2003: Added "Refuse To Be Denied".

May 12, 2003: Added "Nobody Knows Anything" and "Black Dahlia".

May 6, 2003: Added "Superhero" and "Nothing".

May 1, 2003: Added "We're A Happy Family". Decided to take this one out first since it took all of 5 minutes. Just added "Contact" and "What Doesn't Die".

April 28, 2003: Updated "Time". Also wanted to ask that everyone help out and spread the word about this site. I know it's been dormant for a long time but it's hard tabbing an entire band's catalog all at once. I will try to finish all the songs in due time, at least rhythm-wise. So let everyone know the new URL because I'm sure some people don't know it. Thanks!

April 27, 2003: Well it's time to start tabbing Anthrax again, at least for awhile. I'll start doing songs from their new album and I don't know if I'll finish the whole thing, but I'll try. I'm mostly just going to do the rhythms because I can finish them faster that way, then if I still feel in the mood I can go back and add solos. But at least you'll have rhythms to work with.